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2013 US National Show, Burbank, CA

posted Jan 14, 2014, 2:10 PM by Kelly Powers

3 weeks after moving, Kelly found herself back in California at the US National show in Burbank.  KLP Tentacion and KLP Tradicional had been with trainer Enrique Sabuste preparing for the big show.  Chris Austin was the judge and the show was a great turnout with over 150 horses participating. 



 - 1st place Halter colts 3 years
- 2ND PLACE BOZAL COLT (of 8 horses!) 

 - 1st Place, AOTR Performance 4-6
 - 2nd place, Ladies to Ride
 - 3rd Place, Performance Mares 

KLP Tentacion also was awarded her 2012 Medallion de Plata Filly award at this show.  Our first home bred Medallon de Plata winner! 

KLP Cointreau is sold!

posted Jan 14, 2014, 2:03 PM by Kelly Powers

Congrats to Terry & Mari Ann Cook of Washington on the purchase of this amazing colt! We are so happy he will have a great home! 

2013 SCPPHC Grand Championship & Fall Classic Shows

posted Jan 14, 2014, 1:36 PM by Kelly Powers

This show was quite interesting.  Phenom Farms was in the middle of an international move.  MCD Coronado+ & RDS Attackel del Peru were in route to their new home in San Jose Pinula, Guatemala, Kelly had shipped all her belongings to Guatemala via ocean freight & one cat had already relocated.  Kelly, Merlin (the orange cat) & Allie (the dog) had been living in Nothern California for a few weeks, and were relocating Sunday night, leaving the show.  Because of all the moving, Kelly decided to leave KLP Tentacion at home and only show KLP Tradicional.  

Show Results for KLP Tradicional: 

Judge - Marco Dapelo:
 - 1st Halter Colts 3 years old
 - CHAMPION Halter Colt
 - 1st Place Bozal Colts

Judge - Antonio Hudtwalcker:
 - 1st Halter Colts 3 years old
 - CHAMPION Halter Colt
 - 2nd Place Bozal Colts

Kelly, Merlin & Allie successfully relocated Sunday night, after an adventure in the airport with dog health papers, Merlin breaking out of his transport bag and escaping in the plane.  They all arrived to their new home at 7 am and met Coronado and Attacke at their arrival at 5 pm the same day.  It was quite the joyous reunion! 

2013 Santa Barbara Celebration - Los Amigos & Central Coast Classic

posted Jan 14, 2014, 1:28 PM by Kelly Powers

Wow - what a show! We had a wonderful time at the first Santa Barbara Celebration double championship show sponsored by Los Amigo and Central Coast clubs.  AND we did pretty darn well! The judge for the Los Amigos show was Enrique Rizo Patron and Central Coast was Bill Clattenburg

KLP Tradicional: 
Los Amigos Results:
 - 1st Colts 3 yrs Halter
 - CHAMPION halter colt
 - 1st Colts Bozal ( of 8 horses!)
  - PREMIO FUTURO DE LA RAZA - Judges pick for the young horse of the show with the most promise! 

Central Coast:
  - 1st Colts 3 yrs Halter
 - CHAMPION halter colt
 - 1st Colts Bozal ( of 8 horses!)

KLP Tentacion: 
Los Amigos:
 - 4th Place Breeding Mares 4-6
 - 1st place Member to Ride  
 - 3rd place Amateur Perfomance Mares
 - 2nd Place AOTR Performance

Central Coast:
 - 3rd place Breeding Mares 4-6
 - 2nd place Member to Ride
 - 2nd place Amateur Performance Mares
 - 2nd Place AOTR Performance

RDS Fastigio: 
 - He received his laureado award for Central Coast Laureado Amateur Performance Stallion.  
 - While at the show, he competed (at his 22 years of age!) in Champagne (1st place!) and also was in the champion of champions performance stallion class.  

RDS Torcasa 
 - Double 1st place Produce of Dam

Kelly - High Point Amateur 

Phenom Farms - HIGH POINT RANCH!!

This show was really a highlight of the year for us.  This was the first (& only) time Phenom Farms would be high point ranch of show. Tradicional performed exceptionally well for only his second show.  

2013 Gold Rush Classic

posted Jul 2, 2013, 4:16 PM by Kelly Powers

KLP Tentacion 
 - 1st Place Amateur Performance 4-6 with both judges!
 - 2nd Place Open Performance 4-6
 - Reserve Champion Amateur Performance Mare, judge Pedro Koechlin

SCPPHC Double Championship Show

posted Jun 4, 2013, 3:10 PM by Kelly Powers

Memorial day weekend we found ourselves at the SCPPHC Double championship show.  KLP Tentacion went to compete at her second show in the bit & did wonderfully.  The show also had the annual awards banquet, where we picked up quite a few awards!

KLP Tentacion - Pacific Coast show, judge Nazario Villafuerte
 - 1st place Breeding Mares 4-6
 - 1st Place Ladies to Ride Performance
 - 3rd Mares Pisos 
 - Reserve Champion Performance Mare

KLP Tentacion - Spring Classic show, judge Edie Gandy
 - 2nd place Breeding Mares 4-6
 - 2nd Place Ladies to Ride Performance
 - 4th Mares Pisos 
 - Reserve Champion Performance Mare

At the awards banquet for the year of 2012 show season:
El Merito - Fillies 3 years olf Halter - KLP Tentacion
El Merito - Fillies Bozal - KLP Tentacion 
3rd Place halter Colt - KLP Tradicional
High Point Dam - RDS Torcasa

and the big suprise - I was awarded the SCPPHC President's award, by Danell Adams. 

Guatemala Regional Show

posted May 23, 2013, 8:43 AM by Kelly Powers   [ updated May 23, 2013, 8:46 AM ]

Some photos of my recent trip to the Guatemala Regional Peruvian Horse Show. 


First Show of the Season - Fiesta of the Spanish Horse

posted May 15, 2013, 11:22 AM by Kelly Powers   [ updated May 23, 2013, 8:30 AM ]

We went off to the first show of the season, The Fiesta of the Spanish Horse, with KLP Tentacion & KLP Tradicional. So proud of how the young horses performed & handled the show.  Tentacion had never done cones before her championship performance class! 

Many thanks to trainer Enrique Sabauste for his great work with these young horses. 

KLP Tradicional
 - 1st Colts 3 yrs Halter
 - Champion Halter Colt
 - 1st Colts Bozal
 - 2nd Bozal Pisos

KLP Tentacion
 - 2nd Mares Breeding 4-6
 - 2nd Mares Pisos
 - 2nd Pisos Sweepstakes
 - 1st Equitation
 - Champion Amateur Performance Mare
 - Champion of Champions Amateur Performance Mare
 - Reserve Champion Open Performance Mare

KLP Cointreau Video

posted May 2, 2013, 7:31 AM by Kelly Powers

Introducing KLP Cointreau

posted Mar 31, 2013, 1:25 PM by Kelly Powers

chestnut colt, born March 24th, 2013
(MCD Coronado+ x KLP Sedona)

KLP Cointreau is for sale! 
                                 KLP Cointreau

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