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2013 SCPPHC Grand Championship & Fall Classic Shows

posted Jan 14, 2014, 1:36 PM by Kelly Powers
This show was quite interesting.  Phenom Farms was in the middle of an international move.  MCD Coronado+ & RDS Attackel del Peru were in route to their new home in San Jose Pinula, Guatemala, Kelly had shipped all her belongings to Guatemala via ocean freight & one cat had already relocated.  Kelly, Merlin (the orange cat) & Allie (the dog) had been living in Nothern California for a few weeks, and were relocating Sunday night, leaving the show.  Because of all the moving, Kelly decided to leave KLP Tentacion at home and only show KLP Tradicional.  

Show Results for KLP Tradicional: 

Judge - Marco Dapelo:
 - 1st Halter Colts 3 years old
 - CHAMPION Halter Colt
 - 1st Place Bozal Colts

Judge - Antonio Hudtwalcker:
 - 1st Halter Colts 3 years old
 - CHAMPION Halter Colt
 - 2nd Place Bozal Colts

Kelly, Merlin & Allie successfully relocated Sunday night, after an adventure in the airport with dog health papers, Merlin breaking out of his transport bag and escaping in the plane.  They all arrived to their new home at 7 am and met Coronado and Attacke at their arrival at 5 pm the same day.  It was quite the joyous reunion!